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by Professor

Anyone interested in getting a website ranked well in the search engines knows that the number of links to the website are an important factor in the rankings. I have a few sites I admin at, especially the Podiatry Arena forum. It does well in the search engines, because it gets a lot of links to it from other sites. Those links are attracted due to what some call link bait. There is a lot of discussion and controversy on Podiatry Arena that a lot of sites like linking to. There are lots of ways to get links to sites and it is getting out of hand. More and more webmasters are spending too much time getting links to their sites and less and less time on actually developing the website into something that is useful to people. Time is spent getting more links that their competitors. There are even link schemes like Linkvana that can be used to get more links. Submission to web directories is another way to get links. But when it comes to search engines, which is the better site? – the one the that webmaster spends their spare time submitting to web directories or the one that the webmaster keeps working on improving content.

The better sites will attract links from better sites, such as newspapers and commentators rather than getting links by participating in link schemes, such a article directory submissions, blog and forum profiles, etc.

How can the search engines tell which is the good site and which is the site that spends all its time getting links when it comes to ranking sites, if its uses the links to base the ranking on. What they can do is ignore or filter or decrease the value of links from sites that the search engines consider not to be authority web sites. Authority sites have a lot of links to them already and already rank high for the particular keyword.

If the search engines are not already filtering links obtained from directory submission, blog commenting, forum posting, forum profile links, signature links, article directory submission and web 2.0 property link building, then it is time they should. Webmasters need to get back to working on their sites and not working to get links. If a site is worth it, it will get the links. The web is polluted enough without anymore of this nonsense.

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