Best iPad Apps

by Professor

I finally got myself an iPad. The first problem was what to download from iTunes by way of applications, so I spent too much time wading through the offerings and I settled on (some are free and some are paid):

iBooks   (to read books on the iPad; its free, but then you buy books)
Keynote   (to make presentations on the iPad)
GoodReader  (excellent tool to work with PDF files)
Skype   (turns the iPad into a very big phone; not sure why I would want to do that for, but you never know)
Dropbox   (syncs file across computers)
eBay   (app for shopping on eBay; good strategie by them to get you buying more)
Page Capture  (iPad app to save webpages as images)
Runners World Magazine  (to get the Runners World magazine)
FeeddlerRSS  (sync with my Google Reader for all my RSS feeds)
Google Earth   (as I wanted to look at my house and see what the neighbours are up to)
Kindle   (to read any Amazon books I might buy)
Wikipanion  (really good iPad app to browse and Search Wikipedia – maybe even better than the site itself)
USA Today   (good app as I visit the USA a lot, so it’s nice to keep on top of the stories)
The Weather Channel  (nice when travelling)
iPlane Pro  (awesome flight info; the iPhone version has kept me informed of flight delays when at airport before the announcements are made!)

Fun stuff for the twins:
Talking Tom
Toy Story  (read along free version)

As I am in Australia:
ABC news  (its an OK source of news)
The Australian  (good source of Australian news)
TVGuide  (app for what’s on TV; covers a couple of countries)
Auspost   (to calculate postage rates and track parcels)
National Australia Bank  (not a lot different to banking on the web, but gives another option)
Pocket Weather AU  (for Australian weather)

This is my initial set up; I may had more more apps later. What are your best iPad apps?

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