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January 2010

What not to call your child

January 29, 2010 Uncategorized

A recent paper in the Journal of Paediatric and Child Health, titled: Children’s Nomenclatural Adventurism and Medical Evaluation looked at if there was an association between a child’s first name and the likelihood of being admitted to hospital after presenting to a paediatric emergency department. They found that there was an increased risk for hospital […]

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The zealotry of barefoot running

January 20, 2010 Podiatry

  We were born to run. We had to run to survive. We had to run to hunt. We had to run to get from camp to camp. All that changed eventually (we evolved), then concrete got invented. To protect us from concrete, the running shoe got invented. Now with the obesity epidemic we may […]

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Nulled vBulletin

January 18, 2010 On the Web

I admin and moderate on a number of forums using the popular vBulletin software. It is the most popular forum software. I recently came across the term nulled vBulletin. I first thought that this was a different version of the vBulletin software. I looked into in and was surprsied at a number of things. Firstly, […]

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Climategate and how the left viewed the rights spin on it

January 14, 2010 Politics

Climategate is the name that has been given to an incident in which email servers at the Climatic Research Unit of the University of East Anglia  in the UK were hacked. A number of the emails stolen seem to suggest that some of the data that the alleged global warming is based on may be […]

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Max and Milly

January 14, 2010 Family

Climategate, Pat Robertson and the Haiti earthquake, Google and China, Australia almost loosing the cricket … hey I took the twins to see Max and Milly.

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Pat Robertson and the Haiti Earthquake

January 14, 2010 News

We have the loony left, but the loony right is just as bad.  This fool, the TV evangelist Pat Robertson, has now decided that this weeks earthquake in Haiti which has speculated to have taken 100 000 lives was the result of a pact that the Haiti people made with the devil over 200 years […]

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Google and China

January 14, 2010 On the Web

Google had an agreement with the Chinese government to filter or censor the search results that Google provide in China. If they did not do that, they would have no business in China. Just why Chinese officials are so paranoid about the rest of the world and what they actually think they are protecting their […]

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Google Flu?

January 9, 2010 On the Web

Say what? What will Google come up with next? Over at they have developed a tool called Google Flu Trends. They use search data and look at the frequency and volume of what people are searching for to spot a trend. In this case, they look for trends in the search for things like […]

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Twitter Wit

January 6, 2010 Books

Are you one of the few people on this planet who does not know what Twitter is? Twitter is a social networking site in which you submit up to 140 words about what you are doing for your followers to see. There are Twitter Forums and plenty advice on how websites can use twitter to […]

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