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May 2010

The Controversy around the Weil Osteotomy

May 29, 2010 Podiatry

The Weil Osteotomy is a surgical technique that is used to shorten a metatarsal of the foot. I have not paid much attention to it in the past. The latest Podiatry Today has a debate on it with two prominent DPM’s arguing for and against it. I did not realise that there was such disagreement […]

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What has happened to personal responsibility?

May 28, 2010 News

Oh, the absurdity of it! A woman in Utah walked onto a highway following instructions from Google Maps. She got hit. Now she is suing Google and the driver that struck her. Take a look at the pictures proved by Search Engine Land of this highway. What was she doing walking on that, even though […]

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