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August 2010

The Individual Nature of Google’s Search Results

August 28, 2010 On the Web

Google do a number of things to the search results to individualise them. They use geotargeting to make the search results more relevant to your geographic region, showing local search results. They also individualize the search results in which they customise your search results based on your previous search history. This means that search results […]

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August 25, 2010 Podiatry

It that time of the year for chilblains. Here in Melbourne, it gets cold, but not cold enough for chilblains to be a big problem. At the University Teaching Clinic we see a few chilblains. So far this year just about every student has missed them! Very frustrating!. They have dismissed them as bruising or […]

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Authority Website Links

August 12, 2010 On the Web

Anyone interested in getting a website ranked well in the search engines knows that the number of links to the website are an important factor in the rankings. I have a few sites I admin at, especially the Podiatry Arena forum. It does well in the search engines, because it gets a lot of links […]

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Best iPad Apps

August 7, 2010 Computers

I finally got myself an iPad. The first problem was what to download from iTunes by way of applications, so I spent too much time wading through the offerings and I settled on (some are free and some are paid): iBooks   (to read books on the iPad; its free, but then you buy books) Keynote   […]

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