DMOZ / Open Directory Project

by Professor

DMOZ or the Open Directory Project is a web directory with almost 5 million websites listed in different categories. It is a human edited directory run by volunteers, but owned by AOL. Webmasters are always keen to get there sites listed in DMOZ as it is a widely held belief that having a website listed at DMOZ will help a site rank higher in the search engines. There certainly is plenty of doubt that this is actually the case. Because of this widely held belief, webmasters are very keen to get their sites listed and sometimes go to great lengths to get listed.

What is a lot of fun is to go to some of to webmaster forums and read all the incredible spurious claims made by those who cannot get their websites listed. Some webmasters are very bitter and twisted and make all sort of unsubstantiated claims. A few even want to sue DMOZ for not listing them. None of the claims made by webmasters are backed up with any evidence and if you look at the websites of most of those making the complaints, they are very useful sites! The obsession that some have about DMOZ is bizarre and I just do not get it.

What is DMOZ? Understanding DMOZ
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