Does the Circulation Booster Work?

by Professor

The Circulation Booster is marketed as a product for those with poor circulation, but does it work?

Short answer: NO

Long answer: It might help the venous return circulation, but it will not help the arterial circulation (ie how much blood that gets down to the foot).

The Circulation Booster is heavily promoted by testimonials and ‘as seen on TV’ type promotions (which should set off alarm bells). More than one government agency has taken the company to task for the claims in their advertisements. The Circulation Booster is supposed to work by getting the muscles to contract with a small electrical impulse. This will help the venous pump in retuning blood through the venous system. The research has shown that this seems to be what is happening. Going for a walk does the same thing and is a lot cheaper and is a lot better for you (and will help the arterial circulation as well).

Do yourself a favour and save your money, go for a walk.

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