Forum Posting to Start a Forum

by Professor

I run a number of forums and always looking for ways to do it better. Getting a new forum going is always a challenge and being connected in the niche of the industry is always the most helpful. No one wants to visit a forum that has no content. They do not contribute and they do not come back. I recently got involved in a new forum, in a niche in which I had some knowledge, but had no contacts within the niche to get involved. I have never really though too much about paid forum posting, so we thought we would give it a go. We had to get some people posting messages to make it look active and get some content for it before we started promoting it. We used a paid forum posting service and were surprised at how well it went. We seeded the forum with some posts; they posted responses and started some new threads; we continued the activity and now we are actively promoting the forum. Hopefully it goes well.

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