Forum Spam

by Professor

My daily routine starts of with a breakfast drink, a quick check of my email and key websites, then off to the gym. When back from the gym, its then banning all the spammers on the forums I manage. It’s a mind numbing task and I can’t believe that so many lower themselves to this and actually think what they are doing is legitimate marketing!

Forum spam takes many forms:

  • Joining to set up a profile with a link back to their website in the believe that this will help the rankings of a website
  • Posting messages that are promoting a product
  • Posting useless messages just to display a signature with a link

All forums have rules about NOT doing this, yet I fail to understand why people consider this a legitimate form of marketing. It always gets deleted and users banned on my forums. The same happens on almost all other forums, unless they manage to stay under the radar scope or the forum is abandoned.

The real problem for forum owners is what Google and other search engines do with al the link spam. What they do is penalize the site that the link spam is on, ie the forum. For that reason forum owners need to be vigilant against the scum that do this. I use vBulletin for my forums and vBulletin spam is a big problem, but there are many tools that forum owners can use.

My mornings would be so much better if I did not have to deal with this scum.

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