by Professor

Forums are fun places to hang out at; learn things at; ask questions at;  and meet up with people either who argree or disagree with each other on topics. I have been known to frequent a number of different forums on a regular basis. I also manage some (eg Podiatry Arena). I have had many people ask for advice on running a forum and they really need to take a lot of advice. It is not as easy as it seems. Anyone thinking of running a forum should take a lot of advice on forum management. One way to learn is to hang out at some forum administrator communuties (look for me there!) and spend time on a number of different forums. Here is a selection of forums to have a look at to see what the field looks like:
Rolling Stones Forums
Star Trek Forums
Psoriasis Forums
New York Forums
NBA Forums
Frequent Flyers Forums
Legacy of Kain Forums

Most forums will be listed in one of a number of Forum directories.

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