Best iPad Apps

August 7, 2010 Computers

I finally got myself an iPad. The first problem was what to download from iTunes by way of applications, so I spent too much time wading through the offerings and I settled on (some are free and some are paid): iBooks   (to read books on the iPad; its free, but then you buy books) Keynote   […]

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The bestest way to cook lamb chops

July 28, 2010 Family

I was looking for something simple to cook recently … decided on simple lamb chops … came across a recipe …. boy, did it impress! And, it really was sooooo simple: 6 large lamb chops ½ cup soy sauce ½ cup Worcestershire sauce ¼ cup tomato sauce ¼ cup BBQ sauce 1 cup water Mix […]

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What to do when a baby spills coffee on the laptop

June 12, 2010 Computers

1. Stay calm 2. Turn laptop upside down to drain 3. Stay calm 4. Remove battery 5. Stay calm 6. Remove back 7. Stay calm 8. Pat dry any wet bits 9. Stay calm 10. Try and restart the next morning 11. Stay calm 12. Drop of computer to repair shop if it dosen’t restart […]

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Asics Gel Kayano 16 Running Shoe

June 2, 2010 Sport

I have just been for a few runs in my Asics Gel Kayano 16’s. Very impressed as its certainly an improvement of the previous model I had (which I think was an older 13). Asics running shoes continue to be innovative and from what I can see a lot goes into product development from a technological point […]

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The Controversy around the Weil Osteotomy

May 29, 2010 Podiatry

The Weil Osteotomy is a surgical technique that is used to shorten a metatarsal of the foot. I have not paid much attention to it in the past. The latest Podiatry Today has a debate on it with two prominent DPM’s arguing for and against it. I did not realise that there was such disagreement […]

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What has happened to personal responsibility?

May 28, 2010 News

Oh, the absurdity of it! A woman in Utah walked onto a highway following instructions from Google Maps. She got hit. Now she is suing Google and the driver that struck her. Take a look at the pictures proved by Search Engine Land of this highway. What was she doing walking on that, even though […]

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Alexa Website Rankings

April 28, 2010 On the Web

Alexa is a web company that collects data on websites and publishes the ranking of websites from number 1 (Google) to number 2 (Facebook) to number 1 692 102 (this site) to over 5 million based on the traffic they get. Where do they get there data from? They have several million users that use […]

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The T-Mobile Publicity Stunt

April 17, 2010 Funny

This will have to go down as a classic:

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The iPad is just a very big iPhone

April 7, 2010 Computers

After all the fuss over the launch of Apple’s iPad, the folks at Chipworks have pulled apart the iPad to reverse engineer what’s under the hood. Guess what? … the iPad is nothing more than a really big iPhone. There was no leap forward in technology. They claim: Apple has relied on tried and true […]

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There is no ‘Secret Sauce’ for Plantar Fasciitis

April 7, 2010 Podiatry

Plantar fasciitis is the most common musculoskeletal problem seen in the foot. I was intrigued recently when searching the web for something and came across a couple of eBooks on plantar fasciitis touting some magical cures from their secret sauce. The problem is they do not even give you a hint what the secret sauce […]

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How did Hitler respond to the news of Michael Jackson’s passing away

February 1, 2010 Funny

He was a really big fan: Maybe he needs to buy something Michael Jackson to cheer himself up.

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What not to call your child

January 29, 2010 Uncategorized

A recent paper in the Journal of Paediatric and Child Health, titled: Children’s Nomenclatural Adventurism and Medical Evaluation looked at if there was an association between a child’s first name and the likelihood of being admitted to hospital after presenting to a paediatric emergency department. They found that there was an increased risk for hospital […]

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The zealotry of barefoot running

January 20, 2010 Podiatry

  We were born to run. We had to run to survive. We had to run to hunt. We had to run to get from camp to camp. All that changed eventually (we evolved), then concrete got invented. To protect us from concrete, the running shoe got invented. Now with the obesity epidemic we may […]

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Nulled vBulletin

January 18, 2010 On the Web

I admin and moderate on a number of forums using the popular vBulletin software. It is the most popular forum software. I recently came across the term nulled vBulletin. I first thought that this was a different version of the vBulletin software. I looked into in and was surprsied at a number of things. Firstly, […]

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Climategate and how the left viewed the rights spin on it

January 14, 2010 Politics

Climategate is the name that has been given to an incident in which email servers at the Climatic Research Unit of the University of East Anglia  in the UK were hacked. A number of the emails stolen seem to suggest that some of the data that the alleged global warming is based on may be […]

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