Racially motivated!

by Professor

When I hear a news media report and a public outcry about a sentence or comments made by a judge I always err on the side of caution and assume that the judge is in possession of the complete information, so have a rationale for the decision and comments in the media may not have adequately portrayed.

In Melbourne there was the recent case in which a Sudanese youth was killed. On conviction the sentencing judge said she was not satisfied that the vicious bashing death was racially motivated. Apparently the rationale was that to protect the killer from reprisals in jail if it was called a racially motivated attack. She further made an order banning the media from using photographs of the two killers, ruling they might be at risk of retribution in jail.

Give me a freakin break! Not racially motivated?

These blacks are turning the town into the Bronx. I am looking to take my town back. I’m going to kill the blacks.”

Sprayed racist graffitti in a flat he shared with friends which read “F–k da niggas”.

I bashed a nigger and I think he’s dead,”

They made the bed, they should have to sleep in it.

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