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WordPress Security and Hackers

October 16, 2010 On the Web

WordPress is the most popular blogging or content management systems for websites (I use it here). This also makes it a massive target for the hackers who go to great links to damage sites (I can never understand the mentality). To protect my site and others that run on wordpress you need to: 1. Make […]

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What to do when a baby spills coffee on the laptop

June 12, 2010 Computers

1. Stay calm 2. Turn laptop upside down to drain 3. Stay calm 4. Remove battery 5. Stay calm 6. Remove back 7. Stay calm 8. Pat dry any wet bits 9. Stay calm 10. Try and restart the next morning 11. Stay calm 12. Drop of computer to repair shop if it dosen’t restart […]

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The iPad is just a very big iPhone

April 7, 2010 Computers

After all the fuss over the launch of Apple’s iPad, the folks at Chipworks have pulled apart the iPad to reverse engineer what’s under the hood. Guess what? … the iPad is nothing more than a really big iPhone. There was no leap forward in technology. They claim: Apple has relied on tried and true […]

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