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The Frustration of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

September 25, 2010 On the Web

Search engine optimization is the technique that is used to try and get sites to rank higher in the search engines. There are plenty of strategies available for this and include things like the use of the keywords being targeted on the page and the use of strategies to build more backlinks to a site. […]

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The Individual Nature of Google’s Search Results

August 28, 2010 On the Web

Google do a number of things to the search results to individualise them. They use geotargeting to make the search results more relevant to your geographic region, showing local search results. They also individualize the search results in which they customise your search results based on your previous search history. This means that search results […]

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What has happened to personal responsibility?

May 28, 2010 News

Oh, the absurdity of it! A woman in Utah walked onto a highway following instructions from Google Maps. She got hit. Now she is suing Google and the driver that struck her. Take a look at the pictures proved by Search Engine Land of this highway. What was she doing walking on that, even though […]

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Google and China

January 14, 2010 On the Web

Google had an agreement with the Chinese government to filter or censor the search results that Google provide in China. If they did not do that, they would have no business in China. Just why Chinese officials are so paranoid about the rest of the world and what they actually think they are protecting their […]

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Google Flu?

January 9, 2010 On the Web

Say what? What will Google come up with next? Over at they have developed a tool called Google Flu Trends. They use search data and look at the frequency and volume of what people are searching for to spot a trend. In this case, they look for trends in the search for things like […]

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