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November 19, 2014 Funny
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WordPress Security and Hackers

October 16, 2010 On the Web

WordPress is the most popular blogging or content management systems for websites (I use it here). This also makes it a massive target for the hackers who go to great links to damage sites (I can never understand the mentality). To protect my site and others that run on wordpress you need to: 1. Make […]

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The Frustration of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

September 25, 2010 On the Web

Search engine optimization is the technique that is used to try and get sites to rank higher in the search engines. There are plenty of strategies available for this and include things like the use of the keywords being targeted on the page and the use of strategies to build more backlinks to a site. […]

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Authority Website Links

August 12, 2010 On the Web

Anyone interested in getting a website ranked well in the search engines knows that the number of links to the website are an important factor in the rankings. I have a few sites I admin at, especially the Podiatry Arena forum. It does well in the search engines, because it gets a lot of links […]

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Best iPad Apps

August 7, 2010 Computers

I finally got myself an iPad. The first problem was what to download from iTunes by way of applications, so I spent too much time wading through the offerings and I settled on (some are free and some are paid): iBooks   (to read books on the iPad; its free, but then you buy books) Keynote   […]

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Alexa Website Rankings

April 28, 2010 On the Web

Alexa is a web company that collects data on websites and publishes the ranking of websites from number 1 (Google) to number 2 (Facebook) to number 1 692 102 (this site) to over 5 million based on the traffic they get. Where do they get there data from? They have several million users that use […]

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Google and China

January 14, 2010 On the Web

Google had an agreement with the Chinese government to filter or censor the search results that Google provide in China. If they did not do that, they would have no business in China. Just why Chinese officials are so paranoid about the rest of the world and what they actually think they are protecting their […]

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Twitter Wit

January 6, 2010 Books

Are you one of the few people on this planet who does not know what Twitter is? Twitter is a social networking site in which you submit up to 140 words about what you are doing for your followers to see. There are Twitter Forums and plenty advice on how websites can use twitter to […]

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