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Max and Milly

January 14, 2010 Family

Climategate, Pat Robertson and the Haiti earthquake, Google and China, Australia almost loosing the cricket … hey I took the twins to see Max and Milly.

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The O’Reilly Factor

December 30, 2009 Politics

What do you think of the O’Reilly Factor on Fox News? Me? Much to the dismay of a number of my US friends, I enjoy it! It is good entertainment and despite what the critics think of Bill O’Reilly, the O’Reilly Factor is the number one ranked show on cable news, by a long margin. […]

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Cartoons on TV for Education

December 28, 2009 Uncategorized

When I grew up some of the cartoons we got to watch on what limited television there was, was things like Secret Squirrel, Atom Ant and Scooby Doo. There was absolutely no educational component to those shows, they were just pure entertainment and fun. At that time there were no do gooders around then trying to […]

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