Tiger Woods

by Professor

Everyone has had something to say on Tiger Wood’s indiscretions and the break down of his marriage. On one hand, it has ruined what appeared to be a happy family and on the other hand he is probably living the fantasy of a very large number of males.

Spnosors have dumped him, so it will hurt his wallet (but he has so much in it already). Nike have stayed with him.

One thing that did actually impress me was that the forum on his official website did allow both negative and positive comments on what he had done.  For example this is typical of a number of the posts:

“You are such a piece of garbage … good job wrecking your family, butthead,”

“You are a laughing stock – just another arrogant athlete who thought he could get away with anything … your image was nothing but a fraud.”

But alas, a month after the car accident that started the ball rolling down hill for Tiger Woods, the administrators of the web site have closed the forum …. cowards!

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