Twitter Wit

by Professor

Are you one of the few people on this planet who does not know what Twitter is? Twitter is a social networking site in which you submit up to 140 words about what you are doing for your followers to see. There are Twitter Forums and plenty advice on how websites can use twitter to promote their sites. Even Google is now providing the Twitter ‘tweets’ in its search results, so the search results are much more current.

The up to 140 words that are the tweets can be quite witty. One of the better books I have read recently was a compilation of some of the most witty and funny tweets. The book, Twitter Wit, is actually a very good read and I highly recommend it. Great idea for a gift too.

Here are some of the reviewers comments:
“No matter your opinion of Twitter, you can enjoy some laughs in these 140-character (or fewer) communiques from hundreds of folks, compiled by techno-smartie Douglas.” (Sacramento Bee )
Douglas has collected 158 pages of proof that some of the millions of typists on Twitter are laugh-out-loud funny. A few are masters of compression, able to illuminate our common humanity in a couple of lines of text. String enough of them together in the right order, as Douglas has done, and you’ve got a crowdsourced replacement for David Foster Wallace, without the too-long-didn’t-read factor.” (LA Weekly )
A whimsical collection of the best tweets so far, pithy posts that say a lot in 140 characters or less. ” (Associated Press )

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