What not to call your child

by Professor

A recent paper in the Journal of Paediatric and Child Health, titled: Children’s Nomenclatural Adventurism and Medical Evaluation looked at if there was an association between a child’s first name and the likelihood of being admitted to hospital after presenting to a paediatric emergency department.

They found that there was an increased risk for hospital admission if  first name categories were from popular culture, a unique name, from the Old Testament and the surname as a first name.

Their conclusion was:

Our data confirm the impression that children with certain categories of first names have an increased likelihood of admission to hospital after presenting to the ED. We speculate that our findings, which are in concordance with those from educational and psychological literature, may reflect socio-economic status and/or a ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’. Further research may make it possible to assign names an RR rating (e.g. for hospital admission in the first 16 years of life), thus providing parents with another factor to consider when choosing names for their children. More studies are of course needed.

There you have it. The first decent bit of ressearch helping us decide what not to call your children!

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