What to do when a baby spills coffee on the laptop

by Professor

1. Stay calm
2. Turn laptop upside down to drain
3. Stay calm
4. Remove battery
5. Stay calm
6. Remove back
7. Stay calm
8. Pat dry any wet bits
9. Stay calm
10. Try and restart the next morning
11. Stay calm
12. Drop of computer to repair shop if it dosen’t restart
13. Stay calm
14. Get quote for repair to motherboard
15. Scream
16. Thank God for you using an online backup* so you can still access your file while using the wife’s computer
17. Stay calm
16. Take over the wifes computer as its a long weekend and your laptop won’t be fixed until next weekend
18. Take away babies inheritance

* I use Carbonite and it backs up everything to their remote server automatically in the background and only costs $50/yr

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