WordPress Security and Hackers

by Professor

WordPress is the most popular blogging or content management systems for websites (I use it here). This also makes it a massive target for the hackers who go to great links to damage sites (I can never understand the mentality).

To protect my site and others that run on wordpress you need to:
1. Make sure there is no scripts installed on your computer to detect passwords. Use Adaware or similar and keep it updated.
2. Use admin and ftp passwords that are very highly secure and periodically change them.
3. Update to the most recent version of the software (as it will have security updates).
4. Back up regularly. I use WP Database Backup to get a daily email of a copy of the database.
5. I have installed a number of plugins to secure WordPress even more such as Login Lockdown; WP Security Scan; Secure WordPress; WordPress File Monitor; WordPress Firewall.

I strongly suggest a good place to get further information go and get the WordPress Security System Lock Down ebook. This is a 90 page tutorial on how to lock down and protect your blog from hackers. This is well worth it. I used to think this sort of thing won’t happen to me … well it did. Do yourself a favour and protect yourself. Don’t think it won’t happen to you as it will.

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